About us

Being a parent and watching your little ones grow and reach milestones is such an amazing, rewarding experience, but we all know that parenthood can have its challenges. One of the most challenging stages for me was Toilet Training my eldest son. It was a VERY long process, with many accidents along the way. When accidents happened while out and about and at Childcare, the common solution seemed to be to store the wet and soiled clothes in a plastic bag to take home and wash. I saw a need for an alternative to the plastic bag being used, not only due to the environmental impact plastic bags had (more and more, states are banning the use of single use plastic bags), but simply because a plastic bag wasn’t a nice way to have to carry your child’s smelly clothes home. After a lot of research and testing, Smelly Bag was created. 
Smelly Bag is a Reusable, Washable, Eco-friendly Waterproof bag that was specifically designed with childcare centres and parents in mind. Our vision is to continue to encourage Childcare Centres around Australia to make the switch to Smelly Bags as their plastic bag alternative and help families with an easy, on the go solution to storing wet/soiled clothes if accidents occur. With a handy carry strap, zipper closure, name tag , waterproof lining with double stitching/ covered seams to prevent leaks, Smelly Bag is not only for toilet training accidents but also great for storing cloth nappies, smelly gym clothes, or perfect as a kids Swimming Bag. 


Smelly Bag Founder